Friday, September 22, 2017

Smartphones: Let's think critically!

Several people recommended this Atlantic article by Jean Twenge to me recently (link below). The author makes a compelling, and frightening, argument about the impact of smartphones on our students.

Psychologist Sara Rose Cavanagh wrote a response in Psychology Today, arguing that Twenge doesn't have evidence to back up her claims in the Atlantic article:

Psychology teachers might be able to use these two articles as part of a useful critical thinking lesson: what can we "know" based on a lot of correlational evidence? What can't we know? What conclusions should we draw about important issues when all we can get is correlational evidence?

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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Thoughts for the Odds said...

I agree. I think that there is a bigger difference between generations now, which can easily lead to a conclusion that one is better than the other. How succesful "the smartphone generation" will be? I think we can only wait to see. I think they might even be better than older generations in the new, modern, even more technology driven world that is being created.