Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, How Are We Doing?

This blog is a little over one month old. In the course of February and March, there have been:
- more than 45 different postings ranging from Dr. Seuss to Mensa to mice on drugs,
- almost 2000 overall hits by over 1000 different people coming from all over the world,
- 3200 total pages viewed,
- 10 people joining as followers and
- 620 responses to five different surveys.

For a month we, the moderators, have done much of the "talking". Now, it is your turn to let us know what you think. Please click on the comment line below and leave your thoughts regarding:
  • How are we doing overall?
  • What do you like best about the blog?
  • What would you like eliminated or changed?
  • What topics should we include in future postings?
  • Any ideas you may have for future survey topics?
  • Anything else you would like to comment on.
If you would prefer, please feel free to email any of the moderators with your comments. Just click on our names in the moderators' box at the top of each page.


Mr. B said...

I've truly enjoyed this site. Tons of useful information, links to great sites, hints for teaching. I have this site as one of the first I check daily. I'd love to see a lesson plan/activity exchange catagorized by subject. Exchanging ideas has been a tremendous asset for me as an AP teacher. Thanks so much for working on this - it is a wonderfully useful site.

Ryan said...

Great stuff!! I've been using your posts to update some of my out of date materials. Much Thanks!!

Virginia Welle said...

I've very much enjoyed this. A topical organization of postings (which I'm sure will be easier as the site progresses) will be helpful.
This site has helped me stay on top of current psych news that I sometimes struggle to keep up with.

Rob Mc said...

Fantastic job! When teachers ask me at conferences or the AP reading "What is the best resource for psychology teachers?" I always pointed them toward the psych-news listserve. Now I have a different answer: Psych-news AND this blog. Great work, and thanks for all your effort.

Ruth Mavis said...

This site is outstanding. Kudos to the four who worked to get this together. The material is so valuable. I would like to see a lesson plan exchange set up.

Anonymous said...

This sight is an awesome resource. Keep up the good work. It provides a variety of interesting discussion points for AP Psychology.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading this site every day. Your site is an excellent resource and helps keep me current. The material is very useful for discussion in the AP Psych classroom. Thanks so very much for your hard work. It is very much appreciated.