Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review Tips for the AP Exam--CDS Version

I imagine AP review in on many of our minds--so much so for me that I posted a blog today for my kids.

Below is my blog post for my AP students. It includes many links and options they have for doing their review. In class, I recommend that they do what works best for their own brain. I also have a review assignment that jigsaw with each other.

Buenos Suertes!

("Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." -Seneca)


Good Day Everyone! You've got several options for reviewing for your AP test.
First is your review assignment--work on that

  1. Read/re-read your textbook

  2. Come to class every block and work on FRQs with us

  3. Go over your previous exams and quizzes you've received back

  4. Use the questions/review documents in your workbook

  5. Use the review readings and practice quizzes and tests in your review books (Barron's or Princeton)

  6. Use the review materials by your classmates (once they are done and online)

  7. Use the Sparknotes review site:

  8. Use the text online resources: Coon and Mitter Online Resources to Use for Review

  9. Use the Glossary of Terms from Psychology Matters

  10. If you like using videos for part of your review, please see this site:

  11. Come to the Saturday and Sunday review sessions to examine and discuss concepts from the course

  12. Some excellent review sites that will help you if you use them correctly. --search for ap psychology terms

  13. Go to the ETS site for taking the GRE exam--download their .pdf file with over 200 review questions--

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Rob Mc said...

This is something of a self-interested comment (sort of) but if any of you have suggestions about the review book that Allyson Weseley and I wrote (Barron's), please post the suggestions here. We're in the middle of doing revisions for the next edition and we'd love to incorporate your ideas if we can.