Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best of Luck on the AP Psychology Exam

Here's wishing everyone, students and teachers, the best of luck on today's (05/11/10) AP Psychology Exam.

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Mr. Cantor said...

A few students came to me after the exam excited that they think they did well. This is somewhat of a contrast compared to last year which was the first time we offered AP Psych at our school.

Thanks in large part to the authors of this blog and others on the AP listserve I think I was able to cover more material and teach it better this year.

I can't wait to see the scores.

My hat is off to the AP Psych teacher community. Thank you all.

Phil Cantor, North-Grand HS, Chicago

Rob Mc said...

Congrats Phil! Isn't it great to see them excited after the test?

Rob Mc said...

w00t! Huzzah! Go Students Go!