Friday, July 10, 2009

Workshop time

I'm headed to the APA-Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers next week at Clark University -- anyone else joining me?

Not only do I enjoy learning from professors and researchers, but I always look forward to being in the presence of other high school psych teachers. I've always been "the only psych teacher in the building" so I always relish the chance to learn from others in person. My favorite professional experience as a teacher was the month I spent in '95 at Ithaca College as part of an NSF workshop for psychology teachers, where I think I learned just as much from my fellow workshop participants as I did from the college folk.

I'll post updates from the workshop as I can during the week. But how about you? How are you spending your summer? Take a moment to add a comment below about what you are doing (professionally or just for fun!) this summer!


Chuck said...

Professionally, two of my best summer were 1995 and 1996. Thanks to the NSF, I was able to spend some time with amazing colleagues in order to be able to teach psychology more scientifically and effectively. It even helped me get published in the 4th Volume of the APA Activities Book. So I thank Bill Addison for teaching me Stats basics at Eastern Illinois University. That month with 35 of my colleagues was priceless.

In 1996, I spent two weeks at Nebraska Wesleyan. It was an All-Star event. Rob McEntarrfer, Alan Feldman, Charlie Blair-Broeker, Randy Ernst, Alison Wesley, Barb Loverich, Charles Brewer (and his blue tongue) and many more. I'm sorry if I left anyone out.

I learned more in those six weeks than I did at any other time. There were also those MiTOP meetings at College of DuPage that were incredibly valuable. And the Indiana High School Teachers of Psych, and the AP Reading of 2001. How I miss those days.

Thanks to everyone for helping me become a better teacher!

Virginia Welle said...

This Thursday I leave for the AP Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. The schedule of AP Psych presenters looks good. My big hope is to meet David Myers, who is presenting at one of the sessions!

I'll post updates to my blog,, so feel free to stop by and check out whether or not I was able to get my picture taken with Mr. Myers!

Anonymous said...

I am leaving for Stanford for an AP Psychology conference on July 26th. I am most excited! And, I have already participated in a curriculum mapping and Understanding by Design workshop and Professional Development Creation Workshop this summer too.