Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Examples of Classical Conditioning

One of the biggest challenges in teaching the psychology of learning is getting students not only to know and understand the definitions of the unit's major concepts, but apply those same concepts to the real world.

Dr. Jeff Carre at the Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, has developed a internet based worksheet for his Psychology 211: Learning and General Psychology students. The exercise involves students identifying the UCS, UCR, CS and CR within twelve examples of classical conditioning.

The answers are revealed when the cursor passes over the specific part of the example. Please be aware students need to be very resourceful in their use of the mouse/touchpad on their computer in order to prevent inadvertently calling up an answer to a question different than the one they are working on.

The webpage of Dr. Carre's classical conditioning examples can be found at

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give an example of classical conditioning in second language acquisition process