Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time Magazine Intelligence Articles

The Time Magazine website includes a number of articles specific to intelligence and emotional intelligence. The articles are coordinated with Glencoe's Understanding Psychology text, but can be used with any text within any level psychology course. Either click on the article's title below or go to for the complete listing.

New brain research suggests that emotions, not IQ, may be the true measure of human intelligence

Our test-obsessed society has Bient and Terman to thank--or to blame

A hot concept aims to identify your child's hidden talents. Is it valid? We look at what's solid--and what's shaky

Why an end to affirmative action might doom a rite of passage that every high-schooler fears

A new exam identifies kids with potential that might be missed by a test like the SAT

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WaKKO151 said...

Hea pretty sweet blog. I just started to follow it. I am not a high school student or a teacher. But I am very interested in psychology. Especially diagnosing myself. I think I am now a Sociopath with no self motivation and access to my genetic memory. Looking forward to your next post.