Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Are You Feeling Today?

Probably the most famous "emotions" classroom poster is Jim Borman's "How Are You Feeling Today?" of thirty faces in different emotional states. The poster can be found at some retail stores and many online sites.

After a quick internet search, the best online "deal" I was able to find was from Child Therapy Toys. They had the a 18X24 laminated version of the poster currently on special for $12.65 plus shipping. For more info go to

Please leave a comment below if you; (1) Find a better online deal than mine above, (2) Find the poster in a national retail chain (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc.).


Steve Jones said...

Amazon has it for $6.49 plus S&H. (Amusingly the product description lists the dimensions as "24 x 18 x 24.") So Kent -- is now a good time for you to do "what posters are great for your room" thread? I need some new ones!

Chuck Schallhorn said...

I love this one. Had it back in Indiana, but lost it in the move to Cali. I also like the Discovery Teachers store for posters--some great ones with quotes and others with traits for success (perseverace, self-discipline, tolerance, respect, integrity, etc.)