Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Magazine Two-fer

Time magazine (July 19, 2010 issue) came out today with a cover story about the "Myth of Only Children."  The article goes over the claims by G. Stanley Hall in the early work of developmental psychology.  The fight of research conclusions attempting to go against popular thought is explored along with the research citations.  Current stats along with various quotes from only children and an examination of families and their decision making process are included.

There is some good background/history of psychology research discussed as well as the social/economic context for having larger families and the current changes many couples are dealing with.

A second article on hoarding and the emotional attachment to things follows the cover story article.  Check it out here at "Cleaning House."  In addition to the disorder, the article examines the television imitations to "Hoarders" on A and E television.

Posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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