Monday, November 1, 2010

DVR alert: Trapped in an Elevator

 Just in case you need something extra for your unit on phobias: on Tuesday November 2 at 9 pm PBS' NOVA series is offering Trapped in an Elevator (check your local listings). Among other stories it includes is that of Nicholas White, who in 1999 was trapped in an New York City skyscraper's elevator for 41 hours! His story was captured in a terrific piece in the New Yorker by Nick Paumgarten  and there is an accompanying video on the magazine's web site that shows a time elapse of images of White captured by the building's security cameras.

No reference to elevators and psychology would be complete, though, without this classic:

  --posted by Steve


Cyberspaced Educator said...

The video has been removed.

Steve said...

Looks like whoever has the rights to these Candid Camera videos is being pretty aggressive about removing them. It's a good time to remind people that is an excellent resource - find a YouTube video that you like, go to Savevid and download a copy. For now, the missing video above can be found here (but for who knows how long):