Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TV alert: NOVA scienceNOW: How Smart Are Animals?

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Full disclosure: I'm not getting a dime to remind you all that NOVA scienceNOW is following last week's excellent How Does the Brain Work? episode with this week's How Smart Are Animals? The preview for the new show is above, and last week's can be watched online.

If you use either of these shows in class or just want to review them, please do so in the comments.
-- posted by Steve


Penny Miller said...

Cookie Einstein is definitely a dog that can read the owner's mind. Please view her on the website,
If Nova wants more proof that Cookie is reading the owner's mind, Penny Miller, now proves this because Cookie is 95% deaf and still continues to not only understand, but bark the correct answer to any math problem that audiences ask.
Please view the KDOC TV show featuring Cookie, blindfolded, and still barks the correct answer with colored index cards shown. For example, the anchorman chose blue, which has 4 letters and she barked 4 times.
Appreciate connected owner for possible personal appointment to prove this psychic talent.
Penny Miller
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p.s. I created a non-profit corp, Animal Education thru Entertainment aiding in animal adoption. No one has extended any grants or forwarded the information to the media, except for KDOC and Sabado Gigante.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Penny Miller & Cookie Einstein

Rob Mc said...

LOVED this program. Just the right proportion of research findings, personal interaction, history, and humor. The section on Alex the parrot was very touching.