Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teacher Confessional

In addition to teaching Psychology, I taught Sociology for a long time (and got caught up in a variety of concepts such as equality, communication, group values, discrimination, etc.).  For the past ten years, I've also been teaching US Government and the concepts in the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Supreme Court rulings.  I tend to be an absolutest about First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.

I ran across an article a few weeks ago about a teacher who was fired for airing her opinions online.  As a teacher in a low-income area, I can probably "get away" with more than colleagues in higher income areas who have many parents who are quick to judge and sue (I know, a stereotype and overgeneralization).  But after reading about that teacher, I ran across this a new blog site called Teacher Confessional.  I began checking out the site and its facebook counterpart.  In short, it offers an anonymous format for teachers to air their grievances against the system and offer ideas for positive change.  If you have stories about your teaching experiences and like to write, check it out and share your ideas.  The Missouri State Teachers Association blogged about it here.

Given the current antipathy for our profession and intellectualism in general, perhaps this is one forum we could share our ideas and experiences to go beyond the walls of our classroom/buildings.  I hope you find value in it.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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