Thursday, April 28, 2011

AP Psychology Summer Institutes (APSI)

As our thoughts turn from preparing for the AP Psychology Exam to the end of the school year, many teachers start thinking about AP Summer Institutes (APSI). These week long adventures designed for both the beginning and seasoned AP teacher, provide valuable insights into the teaching of any AP Psychology course. I've heard many a teacher say the APSI is probably the one best thing that has helped their teaching of AP Psychology with the possible exception of being an AP reader.

This summer, AP Psychology Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSI)are offered at over 50 locations throughout the country. Almost all are designed for both experienced and new AP teachers, while a few are exclusively for new teachers. APSI's usually last four or five days and are run by endorsed consultants of the College Board.

I (Kent) have had the good fortune to facilitate AP Psychology Summer Institutes over the past seven years. This year I am scheduled to be in MN, WV, PA and KN. I am always impressed with the professionalism and willingness to share by all the participants. I can confidently say, I always walk away from the weeks with many new ideas for my classes.

To provide a little insight into a typical AP Summer Institutes I facilitate, I have posted a brief overview of the week on my website ( Please be aware, every institute varies based on the facilitator, needs of the participants, sponsoring organization's requirements, as well as a host of other factors, but most APSIs contain many of the same basic elements. Other APSI consultants are invited to post comments, information, website links, or other items of interest in the comments section of this posting.

To learn more about summer institutes, go to the Institutes and Workshop section of AP Central at The site includes a search engine where you can find an APSI in your part of the country. You can search by topic, date, and/or location.


Rob Mc said...

great post Kent! I'm doing the Interlake High School Workshop in Bellevue, WA - if any viewers/commenters from the blog come to the workshop, I promise to give you preferential treatment! :)

Peggy said...

I'm excited to sit in your classes in Bellevue, Rob! I'm looking forward to learning a great deal but the preferential treatment sound fantastic!

Rob Mc said...

Hey Peggy! Thanks for commenting, and I look forward to meeting you! I hope that we can use the blog often and well during the workshop (and, actually, if you have ideas about how to use it or other online resources, please holler!)