Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello from Clark University!

Let me just say this: if I (Steve) had a bucket list, I would be one step closer to completing it - I got to meet Kristin Whitlock! And not only have I been able to meet her, but I have had the pleasure of presenting with her at the 7th annual APA/Clark University Workshop for high school psychology teachers. We have had an awesome two days and I'm sad that it's going to wrap-up on Wednesday. I will be posting more about the workshop later in the month, but let me just encourage you all to apply for next year's workshop. (And what's the best way to learn about this workshop and others for psych teachers? That's right - by joining TOPSS!)

What's so great about Clark? You get to hang out with 25 amazing fellow teachers, learn from each other, hear the latest research from terrific presenters and get treated royally by the terrific folks at APA and Clark University. This workshop is made possible by the generosity of Dr. Lee Gurel who should be deemed the parton saint of high school psychology teachers. I was really excited this week to learn that Lee subscribes to the THSP blog and reads it regularly!

And to my fellow moderators: now that I've met Kristin, I'm hoping to meet the rest of you this December at NCSS - right? We'll do our presentation on THSP and have a grand time in DC as well!


Rob Mc said...

Kristin Whitlock is one of the finest bipeds walking the planet - glad you got to present together! The Clark participants this year are fortunate! Can't wait to hear stories :)

Greg Perkins said...

I have been to the workshop at Clark twice, and you are correct it is a fantastic experience. Anyone who has a chance should really attend.

Kristin H. Whitlock said...

Thank you Steve and Rob! It was my pleasure getting to work with Steve and the rest of the Clark U folks. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from so many talented psychology educators!

Jennifer King said...

I look forward to hearing more about the conference via your stories on the blog! And, you are right, Kristin is awesome! I feel fortunate to learn from her each year at the Utah Psychology conference each fall.