Thursday, April 12, 2012

A new twist on review

I had this idea tonight and hope that you all can spread the word to your students. The AP Psychology test is around the corner and I thought that there might be a new way to help students review this year - via Twitter. Teens are increasingly using Twitter (see story on the subject here, with nice graph) so I thought that offering a "place" on Twitter for students all over the world to ask questions might be a good idea. I floated the idea on #psychat tonight and it was well received by @allisonshaver and @irishteach, so I think we're going to try this. So, please share this with your students:

Studying for the AP Psych exam and need a little help? Tweet your question with the hashtag #appsychreview and real AP Psych teachers or your fellow AP Psych students will help you find the right answer.

Interested in answering questions? Jump in and answer them! Not quite sure what this means, but know your students are using Twitter? No problem - just share this post with them and they'll explain it to you. :-)  You can also e-mail me ( if you have other questions about this or using Twitter in general.

--posted by Steve


David Duez said...

Nice! A great idea.

mbritt said...

Great idea. I set up a search column in my Tweetdeck for the hashtag. Let's see how this goes.