Friday, June 1, 2012

On to the reading

 I'm very excited to be going to Kansas City today to serve for the first time as an AP reader. According to Charlie Blair-Broeker we have 218,812 exams to read over the next week or so - and yes, Charlie did already note that it's a lovely palindromic number.
Chuck, Kristin, Kent and me (Steve)

Even more exciting that that is a rare gathering of several of the THSP moderators in the same place. In fact, this blog was started in 2009 by Chuck Schallhorn, Kent Korek and myself, and this will be the first time we'll all meet in person. I hope that we will all be able to post some things from KC over the next week - not on the exam itself, but on other psych issues that we encounter.

I'm also delighted to be seeing several "old" tweep pals in person and getting to see others face to face for the first time. Wish us all luck!

--posted by Steve


Chuck Schallhorn said...

I am here as well, and after a low-sleep day, I am feeling great and looking forward to day two. It is wonderful getting to meet everyone and being able to put faces to names. Happy reading!!!

Rob McEntarffer said...

Wahoo! Glad you're all there! Hope the early days are going well and you are already cruising!

Arvind Kumar "Gaurav" said...

nice blog..glad to read you

Sue Frantz said...

Steve, it's time for an update. You're a few days into it. How's it going?

Steve Jones said...

Sorry - a busy busy week combined with incredibly slow in-room Internet led to the lack of posting on my part. The reading concluded Friday afternoon and it was tiring but also just terrific. I'll do a real post tomorrow, but just wanted you to know I hadn't totally forgotten! (PS to Sue: you were missed!)