Monday, August 27, 2012

AP Psych Test Perfect Score - The "Rest of the Story"

Trevor Packer, a senior vice president at College Board, has been very active on Twitter over the summer. His posts about score distributions and inferences about difficulty, etc. of the AP tests have been fun/enlightening to read.

Last week, Trevor "tweeted" this message about the 1 student with a "perfect" score on the AP Psych exam. I was curious so I broke out my google research skills and, after a little digging, thought I found the AP Psych teacher at Spring-Ford high school in Pennsylvania. I found her email address and wrote to her, and she gave permission for me to share this anecdote on our blog.

So if you have time, say congrats to Susan Miscavage! She's not on twitter, so she was very excited to hear the news about one of her students (her exact quote was "I'm dancing around the living room right now.") She starts school today (5 sections of AP Psych!) and she will have a great (and hopefully motivational) story to her class.

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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