Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No, you are NOT "right-brained"!!!

This blog post from Psychology Today is important, I think. Discouraging, but important.

Sam Dekker and others surveyed a large sample of teachers who reported being interested in neuroscience. The results are intriguing:

- these teachers scored fairly high on the test overall.  On average, they answered 70% of the items correctly.

- BUT (and this is a great big but) these teachers seemed to be MORE likely to believe several myths about learning and the brain, including:

  • "students learn better/faster when they receive information via their preferred "learning style"
  • there are left-brain and right-brain learners
  • co-ordination exercises improve the integration of function between the hemispheres"

There was also a positive correlation between higher scores on knowledge items about the brain and belief in these myths! The authors suggest that teacher training programs do a better job incorporating factual information about the biology of learning into their programs.

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