Friday, February 1, 2013

Miracle Berry Tables (discount offer) and Famous Psychologist Review

Miracle Berries are a welcome addition to sensation/perception units as one of many engaging activities. A few years ago, Kent Korek and Bill James posted a brief description and link to a classroom activity.

As holidays and the AP exam approaches, class time can be limited. This combination of review of research design, taste, and famous psychologist, or "speed dating" received rave reviews from students.  Based on ideas on the package and inserts, each student brought a food to taste. With a pre-test post-test design, students socialized (baseline food tasting in character), then had the miracle berry tablet, more formal three minute "dates," followed by the post-miracle berry food tasting.  Food as suggested on the package included lemons, limes, strawberries, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, etc.

There are several different brands of the tablets and the cost can be an issue for classroom use at about $15/box of 10. Most students find a strong effect with half a tablet.

David Fong of mberry, offered THSP readers a 40% discount so the cost would be $9/box, thank you David! Just contact him directly for purchase at the discounted price.

David Fong
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Wishing you good health, peace, prosperity, and sweetness in the upcoming year of the snake!

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