Saturday, March 23, 2013

The return of AP Psych review

It's back! Last year there was a wonderful global experiment called #appsychreview and it's coming back again in 2013. I would like to officially get it started again this Monday, March 25 and continue through May 6.

  • What is this? The idea is to offer students anywhere the chance to get some help reviewing for the AP Psych exam. 
  • How will students get help? They can simply post their questions on Twitter, adding #appsychreview as a hashtag (#) at the end of their question. 
  • Who will answer the questions? I will - and as I discovered last year - so will more than a dozen other AP Psych teachers. 

ONE PLEA FROM ME: I beg you NOT to tell your students to post ALL of their questions this way. Last year a teacher misunderstood and gave extra credit to his students for asking a question, which resulted in dozens of questions being posted in just a few minutes. Also, if the student has a question like "Who is Piaget" we're probably going to refer them to their textbook or to Wikipedia, as opposed to a student who asks something like "How can I remember the difference between proactive and retroactive interference?"

If you want to follow the madness or jump in and answer questions, feel free to visit this link - we'd love to have you!

--posted by Steve

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