Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Online AP Scores for Students

Below you should find a posting from the College Board concerning a new program.  Starting this year, students will obtain their AP scores via the internet using password protected accounts rather than having the scores mailed via the US Postal Service.  Please make sure all your students are aware of this change and have signed up for an account.


AP Online Scores for Students

Now Available: AP® Score Access Schedule for Students

With AP Exams less than a week away, we want to remind you that students will receive their AP scores online this year. Students' online score reports will contain scores for all AP Exams they have taken. Paper score reports will no longer be mailed.

When Your Students Can Access Their Scores

All students will be able to view scores as of 5 a.m. EDT on Monday, July 8. However, to allow for those students who need to send scores to colleges by July 15, there will be early access to view and send scores at scheduled times from July 5 to July 7, based on a student's location. Students will receive an email shortly before early access begins with reminders about how and when to access their scores.

Click the link below to find out the window during which students in your area can gain early access to log in and view their AP scores. Students will have early access to their scores only during the scheduled date and times for their location. Once the window for a particular location has passed, students in that area will be able to log in again on July 8.

View the Early Access Schedule for Students

Look up your location and share the date and time with your students. (Stay tuned for more information about your own access to scores: We'll email you in late May with the access schedule for educators.)

How to Help Students Prepare to Get Their Scores

As a reminder, students MUST have a College Board account and either their AP number or their student ID number to retrieve scores. Here are some ways you can help ensure students are ready to get their scores:

Take some time during class to talk about it.
Write on the board and read this statement to your students:
To get your AP scores this year, you'll need to go to and create a free online account with the College Board. You will be able to log in for early access to your scores for a 24-hour period starting on [your state/country's date] at [your state/country's time].

Give your students a homework assignment of creating a College Board account.

Download an AP scores poster here and post it where students will see it.

We understand that some students may not have access to a computer or the Internet during the summer. Please encourage them to plan ahead by finding a local resource now (e.g., a public library). If your students expect to have severe difficulty finding such a resource, let them know that we will provide information about an alternative score reporting process on in the coming weeks.

We appreciate your help in keeping students informed about this transition. Stay tuned for more updates via email and on our website.

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