Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Psychology represents at the AP conference

I (Steve) am excited to be attending and presenting at my first AP Annual Conference this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also thrilled that there are so many great psychology presentations happening. I will post the full list below of presentations, but first I would like to point out that two of the three highlighted speakers have direct connections to psychology.
Angela Lee Duckworth should be a familiar name to those of you who teach about Martin Seligman and positive psychology. Duckworth was one of his former graduate students who has emerged on her own, particularly with the concepts of grit (one of my favorites) and self-control. 

The speaker who has a more tenuous connection to psychology is John Quinones, who is the host of the ABC TV show What Would You Do? I know this show isn't for everyone; however, to me, it does an excellent job of not only showing social psychology in action but also modeling for students the kinds of things they could do and say if they were in similar situations. Is it a scientific experiment? No - but it does bring in the real world and inspire conversations among students.

And now to the psychology presentations! I'll list them by date, then by time, with the name of the presenter and the title.

Thursday, July 18
Jeanne Blakeslee (veterans) and Margaret Davidson (rookies) - AP teacher workshops

Friday, July 19
Elizabeth Hammer (chief reader) - Results from the 2013 AP Psychology exam
Steve Jones - This is Your Brain Online: Using Interactive Sites to Teach the Brain
Amy Fineburg - Flipping the AP Psychology Classroom: Strategies for Active Learning

Saturday, July 20
Michael Munson - Using Research to Illustrate Principles of Social Psychology
Rob McEntarffer - Does That Psychology Demonstration Really Work?
Kimberly Patterson - Staying Positive About Teaching Biological Psychology

If you are attending, please post your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you're on Twitter, follow the hashtag AP_Conf for posts about all of the conference. I'm sure that Rob (@rmcenta) Amy (@afineburg) and I (@highschoolpsych) will also be sending out some psych-specific tweets  as well. Heck, I'm hoping to meet @AP_Trevor so if that happens you know I'll tweet about it!

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