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Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology (MATOP) Meeting

Please excuse the cross-posting. We are trying to make sure we reach everyone interested in the MATOP meeting.
Since 1993, Milwaukee area psychology teachers have gathered twice a year to share teaching ideas and develop friendships. Our group has come to be called the "Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology" (MATOP). Below you will find an invitation to our next meeting.  If you live within driving distance of the Milwaukee area, please feel free to attend. If you would like to be included on the MATOP mailing list please contact me at the email address below.
For those of you not within driving distance of Milwaukee, feel free to check out our agenda for items you might find useful in your classroom. Whenever possible, I have tried to include email or website addresses for further information. Please contact me with any questions you may have.
Kent Korek
Germantown High School
W180 N11501 River Lane
Germantown, WI 53022
Phone: 262-253-3400
Fax: 262-253-3494
Below you will find the November 14, 2013 Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology (MATOP) Meeting Agenda.  Please refer any questions to Kent Korek at
Dear Psychology Teacher:
Please consider attending the 20th anniversary meeting of the Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology (MATOP) on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at Pius XI High School, 135 N. 76th Street, Milwaukee 53213 in the Library.
Our meeting will include:
 ■ a presentation, "DSM-5: Not Without Controversy", by Rhinehart Lintonen, MATOP member emeritus.  Rhinehart's talk will emphasize the past history of DSM, what the controversies have been and remain, and what the new DSM-5 looks like (changes, deletions in categories, additions, structural changes in the manual).  Our hope it to upload the presentation slides and handouts to the MATOP website at for those unable to attend our meeting.  Please check back at the site in the coming weeks.
 ■ an inspection of a number of texts and supplementary books from Prentice Hall/Pearson ( .  In honor of MATOP's twentieth anniversary, Pearson has sent examination copies of all the items listed below for everyone at our meeting.  For more information on these texts please contact Pat Salstrand, Pearson Education K-12 Humanities Specialist, (320) 249-9160,
  . Teacher's Edition of Psychology by Katherine Minter and William Elmhorst
  . Student Edition of Psychology by Katherine Minter and William Elmhorst
  . AP Edition Psychology 2e by Saundra Ciccarelli and J. Noland White
  . AP Test Prep Series: AP Psychology by William Elmhorst
  . Forty Studies that Changed Psychology 7e by Roger R. Hock
  A very special thanks goes to everyone at Prentice Hall/Pearson for going above and beyond the call of duty. Sending five different items will help make our twentieth anniversary meeting a huge success.
 ■ an examination of Barron's AP Psychology Exam Student Study Guide and Flash Card set by Rob McEntarffer and Allyson Weseley.  All those in attendance will receive a complementary copy of both the review guide and a set of 500 flash cards.  To learn more about Barron's review program, go to
 ■ a review of two texts from W.W. Norton ( Everyone at our meeting will receive a copy of Psychology 8e by Gleitman, Gross and Reisberg and Psychological Science 4e by Gazzaniga, Heatherrton and Halpern through the generosity of Travis Temple, (929) 800-1417, Welcome to Travis, the new Norton WI sales representative.  Please be aware, Norton recently started selling texts directly to the high school market.  Be sure to check out their new high school website at, especially The Norton Psychology Reader.
 ■ the sharing of items from Gerry Palmer of Psychkits (  One lucky person will leave with a pair of displacement goggles ($15 value) and another, a pair of inversion goggles ($25 value).
 ■ an analysis of the "hot off the press", The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View 3e (2014) by Laura King.  This text, so new it has yet to be posted on the Glencoe website (, will be distributed to everyone in attendance.  A special thanks goes to Diane Bellin, McGraw-Hill Education WI Representative, (262) 347-7047, for getting us this text so quickly.
 ■ a presentation from Colleen McFarland, the Bedford, Freeman and Worth representative, (630) 468-2251  on upcoming AP Psychology titles coming from Worth and using eBooks in your psychology course.  For more information on psychology products from Worth, go to
 ■ insights from the 2013 AP Psychology Reading. We anticipate a number of AP Psychology table leaders and readers will be attending our meeting. Come listen to their reflections on the Kansas City reading. The FRQs, rubrics, and sample responses can be found at

 ■ information regarding the 2014 AP Psychology Reading in Kansas City from June 2-8, 2014.  For an AP Reader application, go to
 ■ a display of a vast collection of psychology related products from Cengage Learning by Mary Sommers, sales representative, (608) 239-1928,  Cengage has recently started selling directly to high schools once again.  Thanks to Mary for coming to our MATOP meeting and showing everything Cengage now has to offer.  For the current Social Studies catalog, go to
 ■ a look at the Latest News in Psychology/AP Psychology including:
  . 2014 AP Psychology Exam date
  . changes in the AP Psychology Course Description
  . the AP Psychology International Exam and its ramifications
  . the released 2013 AP Psychology Practice Exam
  . the publication of the DSM-5
  . the DSM-5 and AP Psychology Curriculum and Exam
  . AP course redesigns
  . change in the AP proctor eligibility policy
  . AP exam fee changes
  . the publication by NCSS, "C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards"
  . the article "High School Psychology: A Coming of Age" in the October 2013 edition of Teaching of Psychology.
  . the Whitman Journal of Psychology (
  . Prep-U, an adaptive quizzing environment
  . the 2014 AP Annual Conference in Philadelphia
  . articles on Advanced Placement in the October 13th edition of Social Education by NCSS
  . statistics on the 2013 AP Psychology Exam
  . information on Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS)
  . information on the NCSS Psychology Community and the NCSS National Convention
  . If you are unable to attend the MATOP meeting and would like more information on any of the above, please email Kent Korek at
 ■ a sharing from the College Board One-Day Workshops at Alverno College and Grayslake.  We would ask anyone who attended these workshops, to briefly discuss the events of the day.   Please contact Kent ( is you are interested in sharing.
 ■ a report from the Fox River Valley Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (FOXTOPSS) meeting. We would ask anyone who attended this meeting, to briefly discuss the events of the day.  Please contact Kent ( is you are interested in reporting.
 ■ activities/demonstrations/resources for classroom use. At previous meeting, we agreed to spend more time letting teachers share some of their best classroom activities.  Please feel free to bring something to the meeting.  Bring handouts for 35 to 40 people.
 ■ and much more.

Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no need to RSVP. Please feel free to invite anyone you feel might be interested in coming.  Our meetings usually last about two hours. You need not stay the entire time.
If you have any questions concerning our meeting, please contact Ruth Regent-Smith at Pius H.S. (414-290-7000)  or Kent Korek at Germantown H.S. (262-253-3400)
For directions to Pius go to   Please be aware of construction projects in and around the Zoo Interchange.  Go to for more information.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeeting.

Ruth Regent-Smith 
Kent Korek
 Check out the MATOP website at  The site includes basic information about the Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology including agendas from past meetings.
If you would prefer not to receive these invitations and be permanently removed from our mailing list, please send a message to

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