Monday, February 3, 2014

Proposal for NCSS 2014 are due on Feb. 18th!

The NCSS psychology community is a GREAT resource for psych teachers (thanks to the efforts of Daria Schaffeld, Joe Geiger. Sejal Schullo, and other high school teachers who do the work to keep the NCSS Psych community strong). If you haven't attended NCSS before, this year might be a great time to start! (Boston! Woot!)

We've posted before about the psychology sessions at NCSS . Each year there seems to be more and better psychology programming at NCSS, and it's a great, supportive conference for new and experienced psych teachers.

Some buildings/districts are more willing to provide travel support money if you have a presentation accepted for the conference. The proposal process for NCSS is pretty easy to do - come up with an idea that you think other psych teachers might like to discuss, submit it via the online form, and you're done! Every proposal helps the NCSS psych community because they assign programming hours according to number of proposals submitted.

If you have questions about the conference feel free to put them in the comments (or email one of us - email links are on the left column of the blog). Hope to see you there!

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Anonymous said...

I noticed that your blog has gone way done in it's rating. There is very little new info. I still follow all the time, but as an AP teacher, I need some reasons to follow. I have found many other teacher sites which have more info. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.

Steve Jones said...

Sorry you feel that way, Mr. Anon. Not sure what ranking you're referring to, but I (and I can't speak for all of the authors) am indifferent to that. All of us are busy folks who just post when we can. We're not making a buck and we're not trying to entertain, just sharing what we like. I would love to see those many other sites you mentioned - alway on the lookout for good ones - and would love for you to share some ideas/content that you would like to see us cover.