Thursday, January 29, 2015


The other day I had one of those NPR moments when I was driving home and could not turn off the engine until I had finished listening to the story that was playing.  It was an interview with the author of Ghettocide: A True Story of Murder in America.  The author was talking on Fresh Air and discussing different kinds of grief that people experience.  She had interviewed many people who had lost loved ones and she noticed that their experiences with death were different and had longer lasting impacts especially if there was no closure of an arrest of the perpetrator.  Her interview was so riveting, I ordered the book and will receive it later today.

Listen or read here:

Here is her appearance on the Daily Show

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William Walker said...

I've been taking a psychology class this semester and it has been truly fascinating. We've been learning about the development stages. I sure hope that we cover this topic later in my class.