Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Psychology Teacher Resources by THSP

In an attempt to share resources among teachers in the modern world, we tried the 4-shared database for a number of years. Over time, it became clunky and unwieldy. Then I created a google site as a prototype, but the data allowed on any one site was minimal and links needed to be added rather than files being uploaded.

Then Google Drive came to us through a variety of suggestions. The current organization is much like the blog, with the units being numbered consistent with the AP Psych course outline--14 units.

The link for the drive can be found here:

If you have an outstanding assignment that you would like to add to the mix, please send the file to this email or send us a link for us to download, review, and add the file to the drive.

The email for this new GDrive account is:

We are uploading only items that are commonly shared/personally created and that are not copyright violations, so no videos or other works that are owned by someone else. We can access those via other methods.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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