Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Replication - an opportunity for high school researchers?

The article from Noba below is a good read, and got me thinking about connections between the "replication crisis" in psychology and high school psychology research projects:

The Replication Crisis in Psychology

The Noba article addresses the importance of replication thoroughly and makes a compelling (to me) argument for the importance of thinking of the "replication crisis" carefully AND the importance of replication to the field of psychology.

Which made me wonder: can high school psychology teachers and students help? Many of us help students complete research projects - what if high school psych students took on the task of replicating a psychology study and sharing/publishing their results? I wonder if projects like "Center for Open Science" would be willing to help publicize well-done replication studies by high school psychology students?

Hmm. Would love to hear your thoughts. If anyone wants to take this on, I'd love to talk with you.

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Sarah Walczak said...

Students who participate in IB Psychology are required to replicate a psychological experiment. They plan, conduct, analyze the data and compare their findings to the original author. It's intense, but very rewarding for students.

Kathleen Korbas said...

I am very tempted to incorporate this into my class. It's hard with AP, but I think that it would be really rewarding for students.

Terry Wick said...

We have taken on this on as an AP project (Bio/Psych/Stats) and combined all three classes, have them do a Lit Review of their 'Big Idea' and have them conduct the experiment, analyze the data and then have a presentation piece at the end of the study. It is quite an endeavor, but truly worth it.