Thursday, March 31, 2016

Please Help with a Student's Project

I (Kent) received the following from Alan Feldman concerning a project one of his student’s is doing. Many of you know Alan and his commitment to high school psychology. Please consider helping Alan’s student with his research. Thanks in advance. Kent Korek


My name is Chris Theuerkauf and I am doing research on what high school teachers and students feel and think about Milgram’s obedience research. I am a high school student, and I cannot go around to schools to distribute the survey, so I am asking for your assistance in collecting data for my research. There are two links at the bottom of this email, one is for teachers and one is for students. These surveys will ask questions that will measure students and teachers perceptions of Milgram’s research. If you have not covered the Milgram study yet, I ask that you wait to distribute the link until after you cover the material. The ideal place to put the student link is on a webpage that your students have access to, like a class website. It is important that as many students participate as possible, but it is certainly not required. In addition, I ask you to take the teacher survey as well. This will allow for a comparison between teachers responses and student responses. In addition, if you know of any High School Psychology teachers that would be willing to participate in this survey, please feel free to send the links along with the instructions. I do ask that you and your students only complete the survey once so there will not be any duplication of the data. I thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any questions about the survey do not hesitate to email me at


Chris Theuerkauf


Teacher Survey

Student Survey

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