Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LIVE -- H.M.'s brain being dissected!

I know, I know -- It's actually the slicing of the brain into ultra-thin sections by the use of a microtome but still -- they're AT THIS MOMENT at UCSD dissecting the brain of one of the most famous patients in the history of psychology, H.M. Check out to see the live slicing or the project blog for more information.

For more on the life of Henry Gustav Molaison (who died last December) check out these links courtesy of Wikipedia -- and please add more in the comments if you have them!

H.M., an Unforgettable Amnesiac, Dies at 82 (NYT)
H.M.'s Brain and the History of Memory (NPR)
SCIENCE OF MEMORY: Researchers To Study Pieces Of Unique Brain (Hartford Courant)

EDIT: Kudos to Virginia Welle who had a faster (and better) post about this before I did! Sorry, Virginia, if I had seen yours first I would have just pointed everyone to your site. Regardless, here's her post:

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Virginia Welle said...

That's okay, Steve! Thanks for the mention. My kids were fascinated by this video and I got tons of questions from them as a result. Great teaching tool! I recommend everyone check it out!