Thursday, December 17, 2009

Utah Education Network

In my searching for Midnight Postings on developmental psychology, I came across a website called the "Utah Education Network". Perhaps the Utah visitors to the THSP Blog can provide us with more information on this group in the comments section below.

After a little digging, I came across a section devoted to lesson plans. The Social Studies section had nothing for psychology, but the Family and Consumer Sciences Education section had over thirty lessons devoted to Child Development.

While I doubt if any of these child development lessons could transfer directly to a psychology course, I have a feeling there are a few "gems" in there. My thought was, with a major break coming next week, some of you who frequent the THSP Blog might have the opportunity to do some "mining" of those lessons and either leave your results in the comments section or email them to me for a posting.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education page can be found at

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Anonymous said...

Kent and all-
Hey. The UEN site is pretty cool. It's an attempt to organize the different educational institutions in Utah. They offer web site hosting and listservs to teachers (I host my class site through them and run the local Utah email listserv for psychology teachers). They also have lesson plans, technology info and training, etc. It's an underutilized site in my opinion and teachers could make it better by being more involved with it. Regards, Dan from Utah