Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TOPSS Membership Drive

The following is from Kimberly Patterson, the Membership Coordinator for Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS).

The APA Affiliate for Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools!

Fall Blitz!
TOPSS Membership for High School Teachers!

It is the prime time to grow membership with members being able to join and get 16 months for the price of one year! Please refer potential members to http://www.apa.org/membership/hs-teacher/index.aspx. This link of the TOPSS website also have all the information for new members, including Benefits and Services, Discounts, Dues and Eligibility.

Curriculum Support:
  • Unit Lesson Plans
  • Powerpoints
  • Online Psychology Laboratory (OPL)
  • Posters in the classroom
  • National Standards for HS Psychology Curricula!
Recognition for Teachers and Students:
  • Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • APA/TOPSS Essay Competition
  • Outstanding Achievement in Psychology Certificates
  • Psychology Teacher Network (PTN) Quarterly Newsletter
  • Science Fair/Psychology Fair help
  • Mentor Program
  • Minority Recruitment Program
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Professional Development/Clark Workshop
If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly Patterson at kimberly.c.patterson@browardschools.com. If you need a hard copy membership form, please contact Emily Leary at ELeary@apa.org. We want to help through promoting High School Psychology and provide assistance for teachers with materials that are subject specific.

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