Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Placebo Effect and other "faulty thinking"

I saw this list of "Top 10 Common Faults in Human Thinking" and it looks to me like it might start useful discussions:
  • Would students choose these 10 or would they argue for others?
  • Some of the terms used in the list probably aren't in textbooks (e.g. reactance? Herd Mentality?). Are there terms similar to these concepts that could be used to be more precise?
  • How were these "top ten" chosen? Is there a way to do this empirically?

One of the (many!) books on my psych. reading list is Cialdini's Influence - I bet it has a much more focused and researched list of "faulty thinking"

Note: I think someone tweeted a link to this Top 10 list, but now I can't find who so I can't give them credit. Help?

By the way, the picture attached to this email shows "Placebo Bands", which are, alas, sold out at the moment (I wanted to buy them for my psychology club!). Any enterprising teachers/clubs out there want to get in the ground floor of a new market? :)

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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Anonymous said...

I saw the link on Facebook on Michael Britt's page, but not sure about twitter. Thanks for all the posts about teaching high school psychology. They are very interesting and helpful!