Thursday, August 11, 2011

Join the psychology Twitter crowd on #psychat

Wanted: psychology tweeps to join #psychat

If you are on Twitter, join #psychat next Wednesday night at 8pm (ET) for a live hour of free professional development! Last night @mrpotter hosted and the discussion centered on how high school psychology teachers are using social media. It was the first #psychat so the crowd was a little small, but that actually gave all of the participants plenty of time to ask and answer questions from each other. Last night folks chatted about using Twitter and Facebook, as well as new media like Diipo and the differences between Edmodo and Schoology, among other topics.

How do you participate? If you are using Twitter and you want to join, just be sure to use the hashtag #psychat at the end of each tweet. If you're not a Twitter user but still want to follow the conversation, you can go to and type #psychat into the search box (or just click here). It's really a great way to share information with each other in an informal manner - a psych-based virtual Personal Learning Community where your voice is heard!

And if you participated in #psychat or just use Twitter in general, please chime in about your experience!

  --posted by Steve (who can be found on Twitter as @highschoolpsych - follow me!)


mvita said...

I thought about using twitter as a way for students to give concise connections on concepts we are learning in AP, but I teach in a conservative area. Asking my students to use twitter may be problematic. Diipo was suggested as an appropriate substitute. There are so many resources out there, I still have tabs open from last night's #psychat to learn more! It is nice to talk with other psych teachers live to get new ideas right before the start of the school year.

Charleen said...

I wouldn't be able to use twitter as a vehicle for my students but #psychat is fantastic! I've been the only psych teacher for the last 12 years and I can't tell you how helpful it is to have people to share with!

Damian said...

I don't teach psych, but I am a school psychologist. I jumped in at the tail end the other night; looking forward to participating more regularly in the future!

Kilgallon said...

Excellent Post! We had a great time chatting about Psychology & Social Media. Teachers you should be using Twitter to collaborate with other is the best & so easy! Follow #psychat & #sschat. If you join, send me a tweet at @IrishTeach

I'm looking forward to chatting with more Psychology Teachers from around the country on #psychat