Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making your own YouTube channel

 I decided to start collecting YouTube videos so that I could easily share them with other people. I created my own YouTube channel and while I don't have any original content to share at the moment, I do have links to more than 100 psychology related videos. Each is sorted into a playlist that is organized around the 14 content areas of AP Psychology, plus a playlist for AP Psych review and one called Favorites for videos that may not fit nicely into one category but are ones that I really enjoy.

I will be working on adding more videos later as I comb through my thousands of bookmarks (no joke) and saved videos on my hard drives, but I wanted to make sure that our readers were aware of this resource. There are links to a number of great short videos, especially in the AP Psych review playlist, that have been created by our own Chuck "Golden Voice" Schallhorn.

One other thing about videos on YouTube: as you know, these videos are notorious for "disappearing" when you go back to them later. Or you might be ready to press play on a YouTube video one day in class (when you're being observed, naturally) when you realize your Internet access has died. Or maybe you're in a district that blocks YouTube access at school altogether.

If one of these situations happens to you, then let me recommend, an amazing that lets you plop in the URL of a video (it works for YouTube and a number of other sites), choose the format you want, and within seconds download your own copy of the video. I've used it for two years now and have been pleased every single time. I know others have their own favorite sites like this, but for me KeepVid is a keeper!

--posted by Steve

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