Saturday, September 8, 2012

New AP Psych practice exam released

If you're an AP Psychology teacher, a lovely gift from the College Board arrived this week in the form of a newly released practice exam. In order to access it, log in to your AP Course Audit account and you'll find the document under Secure Documents. Because this exam was used as an international version last year, not only is this a complete exam with 100 multiple choice questions and two free response questions, answer key, rubrics for the free response questions and the formula to create a composite score for your students.

One more thing - I would like to highlight the statement that the College Board requries you to agree to before downloading this practice exam:
"I understand that AP Practice Exams are for in-classroom use only. To ensure their integrity, I will keep them in a secure location, will not assign them as take-home assignments, collect them back from my students after administering them in class, and will NOT post them on school or other websites. I am aware that I may incorporate questions from the AP Practice Exam into shorter assessments that I create, so long as my assessments are paper-based, administered in my classroom, and I collect the test questions from the students upon completion of the testing period. I understand that any additional distribution of the AP Practice Exam violates the College Board's copyright policies and may result in the termination of exam access for my school as well as access to other online services, such as the AP Teacher Community and Online Score Reports."
Thank you College Board! Ever April I get frustrated when I do a search and find that there are multiple teachers who have uploaded old released exams on their school's website. I know they think they are doing the right thing for their students, but it makes it impossible for other teachers to feel confident that this practice exam accurately reflects what their students know and not the answers they found on the Internet. I'm also glad to know that the College Board is taking this seriously and may terminate access to these teachers who violate the agreement above.

Thanks to my delightful colleague Ms. Anonymous for reminding me to post this!
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