Sunday, April 14, 2013

AP Review Resources--2013 Version

The AP Psychology exam is now less than a month away and by now most of us have gotten to the point of finishing our curriculum and are prepping our students for the upcoming exam.  Below are some resources to help students review on their own.  While updating this list today, I've discovered that some old resources that were excellent are no longer available.  Thanks to Steve Jones for some of these links in previous years.


AP Psych Review Videos from Chuck Schallhorn
YouTube Channel:

Video Review from the UK

The PsychFiles by Michael Britt-Video Review Series

Shared by Charleen Gribbon (I had forgotten this one)

Online and Apps
The Genes to Cognition Website for the Original 3D Brain and Other Great Bio-based Resources

AP Review on Twitter--Steve Jones Link from previous post

For Brain Review--the 3D Brain App

Brain Tutor 3D--App

Apps - 5 Steps to a 5BrainscapePsycTest Hero

Vocabulary Sites

Quizlet exam review flash cards 394 terms771 termsfamous psychologists

AP Psych Study Sets--Vocabulary

Teacher sites - these have an assortment of various links to review sites.

APPsychology.Com Study Site from a former AP student

Course Notes for AP Psych--Most material taken from previous site

Psychology Review Notes from Intro Psych Classes

Online Psychology Intro Course at National Repository of Online Courses

Review Books

If you have additional resources and ideas, please add them in the comments.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Chuck Schallhorn said...

Charleen Gribben noted on Twitter that this link is also a good one for AP Review-video content:

Steve Jones said...

I had completely forgot about this one until just now -

Suzanna Wright said...

Oh dear lord, Dartmouth was right after all. Mile wide, inch deep, nothing like real college curriculum.

Steve Jones said...

Wow, Suzanna, your comment surprises me. I would think that most people would be able to distinguish between the AP Psychology course and the materials used to help students review for the course. Perhaps this isn't as, um, intensive as the five 50-question multiple choice tests that Dartmouth gives students in its intro psych class, but since they won't release their questions, we'll never know.

Chuck Schallhorn said...

Suzanna, I do not know you or your background. Please check out this link for details on what the CB expects teachers to impart to their high school students. Perhaps it will offer some clarity to the issue.