Friday, April 5, 2013

Bipolar Disorder with delusions as the topic of a rock musical?
Lyrics/music as a teaching tool

Winning the Tony Award for best score and Pulitzer Prize for drama (2010), the rock musical, Next to Normal presents insight into how the lives of a family can be impacted by mental illness.

Of particular interest are parts of the songs:
1. "I miss the mountains" demonstrating the impact of how medications can take away an individual's sense of self as well as issues related to medication compliance.

2.  "My psychopharmacolgist and I" touches on the inexact science of prescription, challenges regarding side effects, differing goals of the therapist and client AND even a nice demonstration of transference along with humor.
The links above are to the lyrics, the songs are available in the usual places (itunes, youtube, etc).  The show is really interesting and well done, and the impact of mom's illness on Diana's husband and daughter feel very authentic. Wikipedia has a lengthy synopsis.

Even better, take a fieldtrip and see a production.  (Be aware of adult language in certain scenes).  Here (click on upcoming) is a link to the traveling productions page.

Happy spring!
Nancy Diehl

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