Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Headache Infographic

It seems that every semester, students assume that since I know about the mind and brain, I also know about headaches.  I do--I have a great poster I pull out and share.  But today I ran across this infographic that was pretty cool.  The Mount Sinai Hospital put this together back in 2011, but it contains some great info.  Enjoy.

Link for the graphic iteself:

Link for the post on DailyInfographic

 Posted by Chuck Schallhorn


AP Psychology said...

Is there anyway to print these poster sized?

Steve Jones said...

Sure. There are many places like FedEx Kinkos, Staples, Costco, etc. that can print it for you. You could save the image as a .jpg on a flash drive and take it there. You can probably also find places online where you can upload the image and have it printed/mailed to you, but I don't know of any preferred sits. (Is that what you were asking? --Stve