Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The 2013 Whitman Journal of Psychology

We've posted about the Whitman Journal of Psychology before, but their new issue is out, and the articles look great (and potential useful reads for your students!):

  • a thorough review of how some concepts from positive psychology, learning, and cognitive psych apply to natural disaster recovery: "Understanding the Psychological Impact of Natural Disasters: Grief"
  • a very timely study done with high school participants about how group identity influences test performance (well done!) "Effects of Group Factors" BONUS: all the instruments, consent forms, etc. are included - your students could replicate this!
  • an interesting study done with toads that shows the impact of "instinct" on conditioning (Dr. Skinner would not be happy :) : "Autoshaping in the American Toad"
  • several well-done reviews of psychology topics done by Walt Whitman students
If you haven't dived into the Whitman Journal before, this is a good introduction! Congrats to the Whitman staff and students for producing such a fine, peer-reviewed psych. journal! 

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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