Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whitman Journal of Psychology

I'd love to hear from blog readers about any experiences you have with the Whitman Journal of Psychology. This journal publishes research done and written up by high school students.

I've had a couple students publish their work in this journal (quite a while ago) and it was a great experience for them, but I was never successful at getting students to USE the journal well. It seems like it has a lot of potential for classroom use: these are psychological studies performed and written up by high school students, so we should be able to use the heck out of it when teaching Research Methods, but I had a hard time motivating students to really dive in.

Here's the description of the Journal by the editors:
"The Whitman Journal of Psychology is a non-profit, student-run publication. We collect submissions from high school students around the country and publish the  most intriguing and well written submissions that we receive. We consider every submission and are always looking for new articles, so we encourage students to submit their work.

Submissions to the Journal are accepted year round.  Experimental Reports and Literature Reviews within the field of psychology will all be considered for publication. The Journal also accepts black and white photo submissions for the cover as well for the inner folds of the current edition. "

Students submit work online, and I suspect your students might have a valuable learning experience getting feedback from the editors (mine did). 

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