Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AP Review Resources--2014 Version

The AP Psychology exam is now less than a week away and by now most of us have gotten to the point of finishing our curriculum and are prepping our students for the upcoming exam.  Below are some resources to help students review on their own.  Some links added from last year, some deleted.

Thanks to Steve Jones for some of these links in previous years.


AP Psych Review Videos from Chuck Schallhorn
YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/SchallhornAPPsych

Pay Site--Entire Course Online

Video Review from the UK

The PsychFiles by Michael Britt-Video Review Series

Shared by Charleen Gribbon (I had forgotten this one)

Online and Apps
Barron's Online Practice Test

The Genes to Cognition Website for the Original 3D Brain and Other Great Bio-based Resources

AP Review on Twitter--Steve Jones Link from previous post

For Brain Review--the 3D Brain App

Brain Tutor 3D--App 

Apps - 5 Steps to a 5BrainscapePsycTest Hero

Vocabulary Sites

Quizlet exam review flash cards 394 terms771 termsfamous psychologists

AP Psych Study Sets--Vocabulary

Teacher sites - these have an assortment of various links to review sites.

APPsychology.Com Study Site from a former AP student

Course Notes for AP Psych--Most material taken from previous site

Psychology Review Notes from Intro Psych Classes

Review Books

If you have additional resources and ideas, please add them in the comments.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shamless Plug/AP Review

Good day,

Shameless plug that may be of benefit to your students.  First is the Educator.com site.  For a fee, one can subscribe to all the available video courses (there are many). Of course, my favorite is my own. You can find that here: http://www.educator.com/psychology/ap-psychology/schallhorn/
The entire AP Psychology course and test prep are on this course.

Free review on my YouTube Channel can be found here:

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Steven Pinker gives an intro psych quiz

The terrific Harvard professor and author Steven Pinker has published in the NY Times a pop quiz
"culled from one of his Harvard courses, “Psychological Science.” Although I'm a huge fan of Pinker and love the way he's applying psychology to "real life," I don't love all of the questions.

To avoid spoiling it any more, take the quiz and post your comments below. What did you think?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Autism Awareness Day

This first part is from an earlier post in 2010.

Autism affects 1 in 100 children; 1 in 70 boys.  April is Autism Awareness Month and today, April 2 is Autism Awareness Day.  As we move in time, there are larger numbers of students who have some aspect of the disorder.
Autism Speaks.Org Site that assists families with their children who have autism.  They also provide information about autism along with links related to research, how to support, and how to become involved in the fight against autism.
Cafepress Site for Autism Awareness
The Autism Society

After posting that, I received a couple of emails that exhibited the politics that are occurring in the autism community.  Not everyone supports everyone else's agendas or tactics or approaches.  I am not a part of the community, so I remain ignorant and neutral of the issues.  To that end I will re-post the links above.

Some additional resources are listed hereL



NIH  Fact Sheet

Autism Society

Google News Search on Autism

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speaking of Infographics--Mental Illness

I found this one on Tumblr recently.  Yesterday's post by Rob reminded me to post this one as well.  It's not the greatest infographic, but it has some key information about mental illness that will be good for the high school teacher.  What are below are four separate images dealing with the science of mental illness.

The post was from an account called Neuromorphogenesis.  The poster has some fascinating links and photos.  As of this date, there are some cool pictures of subdural hematomas and the arachnoid layer being lifted off the brain.  The link for the post on the graphics below is here.

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