Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Autism Awareness Day

This first part is from an earlier post in 2010.

Autism affects 1 in 100 children; 1 in 70 boys.  April is Autism Awareness Month and today, April 2 is Autism Awareness Day.  As we move in time, there are larger numbers of students who have some aspect of the disorder.
Autism Speaks.Org Site that assists families with their children who have autism.  They also provide information about autism along with links related to research, how to support, and how to become involved in the fight against autism.
Cafepress Site for Autism Awareness
The Autism Society

After posting that, I received a couple of emails that exhibited the politics that are occurring in the autism community.  Not everyone supports everyone else's agendas or tactics or approaches.  I am not a part of the community, so I remain ignorant and neutral of the issues.  To that end I will re-post the links above.

Some additional resources are listed hereL

NIH  Fact Sheet

Autism Society

Google News Search on Autism

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