Friday, April 29, 2016

Good luck AP Psychers, from David Myers!!!

 Lovely message from the lovely David Myers :)

Good Luck on the AP Psychology Exam from David Myers

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Monday, April 25, 2016

iScore5 AP Psychology APP - Review for AP Psychology Exam

The moderators and readers of this blog are no slouches at AP Review materials. They've put out some pretty great stuff. I'd like to share with you another pretty awesome review that's new and was created by some great friends of this page, Ms. Nancy Fenton and Ms. Laura Brandt, both at Adlai Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL.

AP Psych 2016 apk screenshot

15 AP Psychology teachers, College Board exam readers, and psychology professors wrote hundreds of AP style questions to help prep kids for May 2. There are practice questions, an 800 word glossary, and a full-length practice exam.

The APP is $4.99 and can be found fot iPhones ot Androids.

Website info here

Video info here

-----Posted by Amy Ramponi (full disclosure - I did write some questions for this project. I am in no way financially benefiting from this post, however.)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why We Sleep: A TED Talk

Why We Sleep

Russell Foster studies sleep. In fact, he's a circadian neuroscientist, which means he studies what happens to the brain when it does - and doesn't - sleep. This entertaining talk, just under twenty-two minutes in length, covers a range of sleep-related topics from the amount of sleep people typically got before the invention of the lightbulb (hint: a lot more than we get now) to dangers of depriving teenagers of their bed rest. Along the way, Foster asks and tries to answer, the age-old question of why we sleep and explores the relationship of interrupted sleep cycles with mental illness. Subtitles for the talk are available in 36 languages

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Training Opportunities for Advanced Placement

Kent Korek originally posted this on this school website, but I got his permission to post it here.

2016 Advanced Placement Psychology Summer Institutes

Below you will find a listing of the 2016 AP Psychology Summer Institutes as listed on the College Board website. APSIs provide an opportunity to learn about teaching AP Psychology and meet other AP Psychology colleagues. The institutes are run by College Board endorsed consultants.Please be aware, institutes may be cancelled due to inadequate enrollment, consultants may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances and some email addresses may not be up to date. Please report any changes/corrections to Kent Korek at  For more information on 2016 APSIs in Psychology go to

Start Date Location Consultant Consultant Email
APSI - Psychology 06/06/2016 Woodward Academy (College Park,GA,US) Hugh Canterbury
APSI - Psychology 06/13/2016 Gulf Coast State College (Panama City,FL,US) Tony DellaCrosse
APSI - Psychology 06/13/2016 Community School of Naples (Naples,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology 06/13/2016 University of Texas at Austin (Austin,TX,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 06/13/2016 Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem,NC,US) Larry Stombaugh
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 Plainfield North High School (Plainfield,IL,US) Terri Lindenberg
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 University of Wisconsin - Madison (Madison,WI,US) Nancy Fenton
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 Augsburg College (Minneapolis,MN,US) Kent Korek
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 Walton High School (Marietta,GA,US) Jeff Norby
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 Episcopal School of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge,LA,US) Jill Compher
APSI - Psychology 06/20/2016 University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso,TX,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology - Experienced Teachers 06/20/2016 The University of Central Florida (Orlando,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology - Experienced Teachers 06/20/2016 Texas Christian University (Fort Worth,TX,US) Margaret Davidson
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 06/20/2016 Texas Christian University (Fort Worth,TX,US) Charlie Blair-Broeker
APSI - Psychology 06/21/2016 Tucson High Magnet School (Tucson,AZ,US) Martin Anderson ?
APSI - Psychology 06/21/2016 California State University - Monterey Bay (Seaside,CA,US) Don Leach
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Interlake High School (Bellevue,WA,US) Rob McEntarffer
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Grand Blanc High School (Grand Blanc,MI,US) Terri Lindenberg
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 University of North Carolina Asheville (Asheville,NC,US) Nancy Homb
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 East Carolina University (Greenville,NC,US) ? ?
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Woodson High School/Fairfax County Public Schools (Fairfax,VA,US) Tony DellaCrosse
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Taft School (Watertown,CT,US) Tom Purcell
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington,TX,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 University of Tulsa (Tulsa,OK,US) Amy Jones
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Goucher College (Baltimore,MD,US) Alan Feldman
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Rutgers University, New Brunswick (New Brunswick,NJ,US) Mike Hamilton
APSI - Psychology 06/27/2016 Montgomery College (Gaithersburg,MD,US) Faye Johnson ?
APSI -Psychology 06/27/2016 Allegheny Intermediate Unit's APSI at South Fayette High School (McDonald (suburban Pittsburgh),PA,US) Jeff Norby
APSI - Psychology - Experienced Teachers 06/27/2016 Carleton College (Northfield,MN,US) Charlie Blair-Broeker
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 06/27/2016 Carleton College (Northfield,MN,US) Kent Korek
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 06/27/2016 Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green,KY,US) Allison Herzig
APSI - Psychology 06/28/2016 University High School (Morgantown,WV,US) Jill Compher
APSI - Psychology 07/05/2016 St Clements School (Toronto, Canada) Wes Warren
APSI - Psychology 07/05/2016 University of Iowa (Iowa City,IA,US) Charlie Blair-Broeker
APSI - Psychology 07/05/2016 The Bolles School (Jacksonville,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology 07/10/2016 The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education (Athens,GA,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Sacramento State University (Sacramento,CA,US) Amy Jones
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Metropolitan State University (Denver,CO,US) Margaret Davidson
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Northwestern University (Chicago,IL,US) Tina Athanasopoulas
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Ball State University (Muncie,IN,US) Charlie Blair-Broeker
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Loyola University Chicago (Chicago,IL,US) Terri Lindenberg
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte,NC,US) Larry Stombaugh
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Kennesaw State University - A.T.O.M.S. Center (Kennesaw,GA,US) Hugh Canterbury
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Taft School (Watertown,CT,US) Lori Hodin
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Texas Lutheran University (Seguin,TX,US) Jill Compher
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler,TX,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Fordham University (New York,NY,US) Alan Feldman
APSI - Psychology 07/11/2016 Sentinel Secondary School (West Vancouver,Canada) Donald Leach
APSI - Psychology 07/12/2016 Davis High School (Kaysville,UT,"US) Laura Brandt
APSI - Psychology 07/12/2016 Pike High School (Indianapolis,IN,US) Sean Mahoney smahoney@WTHS.NET
APSI - Psychology 07/12/2016 Carleton College (Northfield,MN,US) Nancy Fenton
APAC- Psychology - Experienced Teachers 07/14/2016 Hilton Anaheim and Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim,CA,US) ? ?
APAC - Psychology - New Teachers 07/14/2016 Hilton Anaheim and Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim,CA,US) ? ?
APSI - Psychology 07/17/2016 St. Johnsbury Academy (St. Johnsbury,VT,US) Lori Hodin
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Palo Alto High School (Palo Alto,CA,US) Amy Jones
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Hazelwood West High School (Hazelwood,MO,US) ? ?
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Olathe Northwest High School (Olathe,KS,US) Kent Korek
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Woodward Academy (College Park,GA,US) Hugh Canterbury
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 Southern Methodist University (Plano,TX,US) Jill Compher
APSI - Psychology 07/18/2016 La Salle University (Philadelphia,PA,US) ? ?
APSI - Psychology 07/19/2016 East Kentwood High School (Kentwood,MI,US) Jeff Norby
APSI - Psychology - Experienced Teachers 07/19/2016 Rice University (Houston,TX,US) Margaret Davidson
APSI - Psychology 07/25/2016 University of San Diego (San Diego,CA,US) Margaret Davidson
APSI - Psychology 07/25/2016 Cherry Creek High School (Greenwood Village,CO,US) Laura Brandt
APSI - Psychology 07/25/2016 Florida International University- BBC (Miami,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology 07/25/2016 Fitchburg State University (Fitchburg,MA,US) Mike Hamilton
APSI - Psychology - Experienced Teachers 07/25/2016 University of South Florida (Tampa,FL,US) Kimberly Cruz
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 07/25/2016 University of South Florida (Tampa,FL,US) Larry Stombaugh
APSI - Psychology 07/26/2016 Lewes Beach APSI, Delaware (Lewes,DE,US) Alan Feldman
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 07/26/2016 Rice University (Houston,TX,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology 08/01/2016 Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (Rolling Hills Estate,CA,US) Laura Brandt
APSI - Psychology 08/01/2016 Fort Vancouver High School (Vancouver,WA,US) Kristin Whitlock
APSI - Psychology 08/01/2016 Novi High School (Novi,MI,US) Sean Mahoney smahoney@WTHS.NET
APSI - Psychology 08/01/2016 Manhattan College (Riverdale,NY,US) Katherine Minter
APSI - Psychology 08/01/2016 St. Joseph''s College - New York (Long Island Campus) (Patchogue,NY,US) Tom Purcell
APSI - Psychology - New Teachers 08/01/2016 College of William and Mary (Williamsburg,VA,US) Allison Herzig

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Have time to help a student gather data?

Psych teachers: one of Alan Feldman's (psych teacher extraordinaire from New Jersey) students is trying to gather data. Have time to help?

Directions for the survey:
"Please answer the following questions. If you would like to contact the researcher, Chris Theuerkauf, regarding the survey please email him at The data will be used to determine how high school psychology teachers think and feel about Stanley Milgram's research on obedience. This survey is voluntary and you may quit at any time. There is no penalty for not taking the survey. However, in order for your results to be recorded, you must hit the submit button at the end of the survey. Your results will remain confidential and will not be published individually."



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Saturday, April 16, 2016

2015 International "Released" Exam Breakdown

If you're interested in a breakdown for the 2015 International test that was released by the College Board, and available on your audit site, here's our best guess. Thanks to Steve Jones for his careful eye and edits.

Note: "The version of the AP Psychology Exam administered internationally in 2015 – recently released to teachers as a practice exam – had been administered in 2014 to a small and randomly selected group of students in U.S. schools for equating purposes. Given the 2014 administration, several multiple-choice questions on that exam were not aligned with DSM-5, as this alignment took effect for the 2015 exams. In order not to disadvantage students who took the international version of the exam this year, those six questions were removed from scoring. They were removed from the practice exam PDF as well, so as not to have current students practicing on outdated material."

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

PsychTestPrep audio files

 Our friend Michael Britt has a new "free audio test prep" resource - here's how Michael describes it:

"Michael Britt here from The Psych Files.  I know you’re a big supporter of the podcast and I just received the latest email from Teaching High School Psychology (great resources on multiple choice by the way - I bookmarked  I thought I’d send you a quick note about the PsychTestPrep audio files I put into the Clammr app.  It’s the topic of my latest podcast episode and you may have seen my post about this on the AP Psychology Facebook group.  I was wondering if you might want to mention this on the Teaching High School Psychology blog.  With the AP psych test coming up it seems like this would be a great time to let teachers and students know about this free audio test prep approach.  While accessing the audio through the app on an iPhone is convenient (if you have an iphone that is…), teachers and students can also listen to the audio on their desktop computers at this location:"

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Careers in Psychology: Another Resource

The good folks at Internet Scout Report from Wisconsin have provided us with another source for careers in psychology. Below their description and link. Take some time to explore the site as there are many excellent ideas, including kinds of psychology I had no idea existed. Fashion psychology anyone? The site even has a job search function.

Careers in Psychology provides numerous tools and resources for young minds interested in the various degree paths and career options in mental health and psychology. The site opens with a big question: "Where will a career in Psychology take you?" From there, informative articles attempt to provide an answer through discussions of popular psychology trends and pressing issues. Organizational sections (Careers, Degrees, Jobs, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists) let readers research specific careers, degree programs, licensure information, and even internship opportunities. For instance, selecting the Psychologists tab produces a drop-down menu with a number of subcategories, such as Psychologist Licensure, which lists the requirements for getting licensed as a psychologist in each of the 50 states, including degree requirements, clinical requirements, and other details.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Teachers of Interest: Michael Corayer

I'm not sure when I "met" him online or how I got to know him, by I have been very impressed by the knowledge and writing of Michael Corayer. I've had a chance to read his books on mastering introductory psychology, available at the links below. His writing style is engaging and the stories he uses to bring the reader in are fascinating. I highly recommend checking out his blogs, his books, and his twitter account. Below is a short biography.

Michael is still working on the book series, the process of researching, writing, and editing has been taking much longer than expected but says it has been worth it just for the knowledge he has gained. He is working on the last few chapters of volume 4 now, so a full print edition should be available by the end of this school year. His goal is to have the book start helping teachers and students next fall. In the meantime, the first 3 volumes are currently available as ebooks through Amazon and other stores. (Here are the Amazon links for Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3).

Michael Corayer is originally from Brockton, Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard in 2006. In 2008, he moved to Shanghai, China, and began teaching IB Psychology at Shanghai High School International Division. Thanks to growing student interest in psychology over the next few years, he was able to expand the courses offered to include multiple sections of AP Psychology as well as elective courses in psychology. His students were engaged and hard-working and he is proud that last year they earned a 100% pass rate on both IB and AP exams, with the majority of AP students earning a 5. Thanks to encouragement and feedback from his students, he began working to turn his lecture notes into a book series designed to help other psychology students master the material. He left China in July of 2015 and is currently living in Austin, Texas.

Michael's personal blog

His Twitter Account

Amazon Links to Michael's Psych writings

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Textbook Reading and AP Psychology

Seems like a question pops up nearly weekly from a colleague, on Twitter, or on the AP Psychology Facebook page about "how do I get kids to read the textbook" or "how do I teach kids to read a textbook"?

When perusing my Twitter feed tonight (third trimester insomnia is SO ENJOYABLE), I ran across this blog post and was intrigued on what the author Rachel Adragna had to say. The blog is posted on the "Learning Scientists" blog which has been featured on this blog before (not trying to fan-girl, but I'm fan-girling)...

The post is about a technique that I've never used nor really seen (or seen in this form) to read, study and learn material presented from a text. I love the strategy presented and think that many kids could benefit from this way to read the text.'s the post "Be Your Own Teacher, How to Study a Textbook". Enjoy!

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