Sunday, April 3, 2016

Textbook Reading and AP Psychology

Seems like a question pops up nearly weekly from a colleague, on Twitter, or on the AP Psychology Facebook page about "how do I get kids to read the textbook" or "how do I teach kids to read a textbook"?

When perusing my Twitter feed tonight (third trimester insomnia is SO ENJOYABLE), I ran across this blog post and was intrigued on what the author Rachel Adragna had to say. The blog is posted on the "Learning Scientists" blog which has been featured on this blog before (not trying to fan-girl, but I'm fan-girling)...

The post is about a technique that I've never used nor really seen (or seen in this form) to read, study and learn material presented from a text. I love the strategy presented and think that many kids could benefit from this way to read the text.'s the post "Be Your Own Teacher, How to Study a Textbook". Enjoy!

-- Posted by Amy Ramponi

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