Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A couple quick Halloween-related links in case anyone is looking for that today:

- slideshow of Halloween related (kinda) visual illusions from Scientific American:

- blogs about the psychology of fear from Psychology Today:

Hope you all have a fun Halloween. Teachers affected by Sandy, we're all thinking of you and sending you good (and dry) vibes.

Anyone dressing up in psych-related costumes for Halloween? Send us pictures and we'll post them!

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Julia said...

I put together a whole class of halloween activities for my general psychology class including
-Jeff Milner's back masking site
-Scientific American article "Can you be scared to death"
-Deindividuation article on trick or treating study
It was a lot of fun!

There is also a researcher in London, Ontario who is researching the psychology of horror films. He has a good video clip at that we didn't have time to show.

Rob McEntarffer said...

cool resources! Thanks Julia!