Wednesday, April 22, 2015

AP Test Review resources from Joe Swope

Posting yet another AP review resource - hope your test reviews are going well, and that your kids are fired up for the exam! Go AP Psych!

Joe Swope (psychology teacher/researcher extraordinaire, fantasy author, and friend of high school psychology) sent this link to the "Try It!" part of his site - here's Joe's description of the rousource:

" ... an unlimited number of practice tests.  I configured it for only 20 questions at a time with unlimited time.  Answers are readily available at the end or even during.  There are a few click on the right part of the brain, neuron, chart questions and even a few animated questions.  Each time a student refreshes they get a different set of 20 in a different order and even the ABCDE's are randomized.  My kids say they like it, but then again I also make them say that or else."

"Try It" psychology review resources from Joe

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great review resource! It appears that registration is limited to Psychology teachers & Dr. Swope's own students. Is there a way for other students to access these resources? Thanks!

Rob McEntarffer said...

Hmm - did you get to the "try it" part of the site? When I click there, I can take the quizzes without registering at all?

Anonymous said...

Wow, somehow I managed to miss that. :) Thank you for your assistance!