Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More AP Review resources

(written by the fabulous Kristin Whitlock, posted by Rob McEntarffer because he has more time to do it right now :) 

I have a few links that I thought the AP teachers beginning their reviews might find useful.

Khan Academy
These lectures were designed for students who are preparing to take the MCAT test.  But they could be very useful for your students in review.  Here's the link:

Learnerator Guide for AP Psychology
I haven't looked at this one in much depth, but it provides online quizzes in the different content areas.  If anyone has tried this out, speak up!

Teaching High School Psychology Blog
There is a post with a number of links for review.  Chuck Schallhorn has some lectures posted for review.  There are also a number of teacher websites that have review information.

posted by Kristin Whitlock, via Rob McEntarffer


Erik Uliasz said...

Learnerator's multiple-choice questions are very good and have great explanations. Plus, the Abnormal Psych questions are aligned with the DSM-5.

There are practice FRQs with rubrics, too!

There is a lot of free content, but you must pay to access the "difficult" questions, some of the FRQs, and all explanations.

You can also secure a school license for a discount... kind of like buying in bulk for a discounted rare.

Jill Chambers said...

I have been so impressed with Learnerator that I was able to convince my principal to invest in a subscription for all my AP Psych and AP World classes. Based upon feedback, students really like it because it offers explanations for the answers AND it gives definitions for the other (incorrect) terms as well.
I particularly like it because the questions are both data interpretation and vocabulary application; students connect with content in a meaningful way.
Further, students who complete all questions from all units will be receiving extra credit to their grade - I believe it is that worthy of a practice resource.

Sourov hasan said...

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