Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costumes--Dare We Analyze?

I am in my social psychology unit for regular psych and decided to take a look at what was available for analyzing costumes--whether it be for stereotypes or gender or politics.  For this post, I will simply share what I discovered in terms of some examples of what is out there.  Before using any of these with students, I would recommend checking them out yourself first.  Whether it's unleashing a hidden side of yourself or modeling someone you admire or mocking someone you abhor, the costume you wear may say a lot about you and your personality.

Just like projective tests, I would recommend being very cautious using any kind of analysis in class with students.  Perhaps it would be better to have them do the analyzing and the adults guiding them in that pursuit.

Teaching Tolerance--the most school-appropriate item I could find--costume type, gender representation, racial/ethnic or age representation

Psychoanalyzing 10 Popular Halloween Costumes from US News

A Psychoanalysis of Costumes from

Emme Magazine (I had not heard of it either)--a cheeky examination of costumes for women

Arizona Central--Women Rethinking Their Role as Eye-Candy

For Humor--decoding her/his costume (From

Good Girls Go Bad, For a Day

The Glory of Wearing the Same Costume Every Year

Media Analysis--a Cultural Appropriation of Halloween

For those who like stats and lots of data analysis with their economics, there is this Stanford paper

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mvita said...

Thanks for this. My class is currently studying development, so we can't quite use psychoanalysis, but it helped inspire an idea! I may try (for the first time) having my students review the stages of life by creating a halloween costume!!

Here's the start of the idea

Thanks for always trying to apply relevant material/holidays/events to psychology!!

adult psychology said...

great blog and what a great costumes you have..students are really having a great time.. Halloween is fast approaching..