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Psychology at NCSS 2012

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 Are you going to be in Seattle next month? High school psychology will be well represented at the upcoming National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Conference November 16-18. In the list at the bottom of this post you will an amazing lineup of presentations that will be given, with several by THSP moderators (including yours truly).

Dr. Eric Chudler
One highlight of the NCSS Conference for me will be that the NCSS Psychology Community has arranged to have Dr. Eric Chudler as a speaker. As I hope you all know, Dr. Chudler created the Neuroscience for Kids site which is a terrific resource for students of all ages. His talk, "Neuroscience for Kids: Brain Science in the Classroom,” will be Saturday, November 17 at 2:30 pm (PT).

Psychology is well-represented at NCSS this year but it hasn't always been so. The hardworking leaders of the NCSS Psychology Community - including Daria Schaffeld, Jen Schlicht, Sejal Schullo and Joe Geiger - have done a great job in promoting psychology at NCSS. We appreciate their efforts!

One final note for all those attending: there will be a reception for high school psychology teachers from 7-8:30 pm on Saturday night that's co-sponsored by APA/TOPSS and the NCSS Psychology Community. Come join us! More on that event here.

Here are the #NCSS12 presentations for high school psychology teachers - you can also download this list as a Word document here.

  Psychology Test Banks: Not just for tests any more! (Rob McEntarffer)
  Psychology & Social Justice: Activities to Promote Excellence to Equity (Amy Fineburg)
  Interpreting Historical Events Through the Lens of Psychological Science (Kent Korek/Maureen McCarthy)
Poster:  Folded but Not Mutilated: Teaching AP Psychology in One Semester (Beth Scully)
2:15-3:45 House of Delegates Registration   Washington State Convention Center  Ballroom 6E
Psychology: A Window Into the Mind & Behavior (Randy Ernst/Charlie Blair-Broeker)
3:45-5:45 House of Delegates 1st Session   Washington State Convention Center  Ballroom 6E
Connecting Psychology and Sociology Classes Across State Lines (Allison Shaver/Heather Kilgallon)
Poster: Opening Wider a Smaller Window:  Teaching Psych in One Semester (Amy Malin) 
Integrating Literacy and Technology into a Psych Classroom (Maura Gavin)

8:00-10:30  House of Delegates 2nd Session   Washington State Convention Center  Ballroom 6E
My PSYCH Study (Matthew Ferguson)
  Windows to Your Future: Psych Concepts to Strengthen Character (Catherine Jaquith)
Poster: Fun with Freud:  Lessons to Instruct Personality Theory (Sean Tischler)
Not Tacked On: Effectively Incorporating Diversity in Introductory Psych (Steve Jones)
NCSS Psych Community Scholar Strand – Dr. Chudler
NCSS Psychology Community Meeting
  Using Books, Podcasts and Research to Support your Psych Curriculum (Dobkin)

Evening:    7:00-8:30 Social with APA/TOPSS & the NCSS Psychology Community

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Thanks for keeping the psychology world updated!

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Thanks for the great post and sharing the's going to be a great conference!

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Great post! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!