Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mapping the Brain: Brain Scans-New Amazing Interactive

I just received my newsletter from PBS about NOVA Spark newsletter--available here:

In it, there was a link to an amazing brain scan online tool where the user can choose the brain scan, choose the view, and choose the brain part(s) to be examined.  This is just so cool I could spend a couple of hours just playing around and investigating how and where everything is and connects.  Thank you PBS.

In addition to the scans, you see the different views--coronal, sagittal and axial.

Check it out--very much worth your time.

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Brett Powers said...

People do not leave enough commentary on here, I believe. I just wanted to say that this site is a Godsend and I check it faithfully. Thanks for the work!!

-Brett Powers, Psych teacher in Pasco, WA.